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The Collages of Norrobey

The Collages of Norrobey

Art, Cinema and improbable mashups

I think you’ve figured it out by now, I’m a fan of original revisits. Whether it’s paintings, film scenes, or cult characters, I love to see how certain artists are able to give their point of view on this type of reappropriation. And so I came across Norrobey‘s fantastic work and his superb collages.

This artist revisits film scenes as well as more classic works of painting, taking his inspiration from different periods. It is thus the opportunity to find the members of the Peaky Blinders in classical paintings, seeing them in one of the schools of Athens, or collages only between films, especially in the works of Quentin Tarantino.

Apart from the cool side, I find in these creations, it also leads me to ask myself questions about what art is, making me think of different debates around “real” works that are almost sacred at times. I personally find Norrobey‘s approach rather intelligent, because he doesn’t try to distort or harm the original works he works. On the contrary, I have the impression that he desacralizes them a little bit, giving more desire to go and discover the moose to be able to compare them with his own renderings. In this sense, it incites much more curiosity than gratuitous degradation. It’s a perfect example of the democratization of art if you ask me.

Don’t hesitate to follow Norrobey‘s work via his Instagram page on which he is more than active!

Julien Djoubri

Julien a été bercé par la Pop-Culture et par l'art dès son enfance. Il adore partager son amour débordant pour tout ce qui touche à l'illustration, aux comics, films et autre étrangetés. Et quand il n'est pas occupé à découvrir de nouveaux univers imaginaires, il essaie de créer les siens en écrivant.

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