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The Fantasy Art of Andrew Mar

The Fantasy Art of Andrew Mar

The Fantastic Beasts of Andrew Mar

I don’t know what you think about this, but I have always love mythologies and all fantastic and imaginary beasts that we could find in it.

I could have read for hours stories on those creatures, imagining what those beasts could look like, even if some movies or video games helped me with this. There were a lot of fantasy unverses that cradled me when I was a kid and a teenager and they helped me discover magic, dragons and other creations from the mind.

Andrew Mar is one of those artists that allows us to see what those creatures could really look like. Andrew is an american concept artist based in Dallas who already created a lot of fantasy artworks. What I love the most about his work is his ability to create totally new beats that I have never seen before and that I’d love to see alive in some video games or movies.

You can follow his work on his website or on his Instagram account.

Julien Djoubri

Julien a été bercé par la Pop-Culture et par l'art dès son enfance. Il adore partager son amour débordant pour tout ce qui touche à l'illustration, aux comics, films et autre étrangetés. Et quand il n'est pas occupé à découvrir de nouveaux univers imaginaires, il essaie de créer les siens en écrivant.

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