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The Nex Hellboy Statue by Alban Ficat for Fariboles Prod is Amazing !

The Nex Hellboy Statue by Alban Ficat for Fariboles Prod is Amazing !

The Boy from Hell is Back

More than a year after the release of their first official Hellboy Statue, French Studio Fariboles just made available for pre-order this amazing new sculpture by Alban Ficat. A real thing of beauty that pays a gorgeous tribute to Mike Migola’s epic lines.

Alban Ficat did a hell of a job, there, for this 39 cm resin statue available on pre-order for 400 euros on Fariboles.

Here is what the creators have to say about this marvel :

“With this new statue we wanted to explore and illustrate what Hellboy was thinking about in the first statue, it could be considered as a “from the other side of the mirror” image. The two statues may work as a pair, and the struggle we are evocating here is just between Hellboy and himself. We thought it would be interesting to focus on the contrasts between these two versions (attitude, accessories, colors…), and above all try to stay as close as possible to Mignola’s outstanding style. Thanks again so much to Mike Mignola for letting us play again with his most beloved character. “










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