Tik Ka’s Halloween Series Are Terrifyingly Cute

Tik Ka’s Halloween Series Are Terrifyingly Cute

Happy Halloween from Hong Kong !

It seems that Chinese artist Tik Ka is very inspired by this time of the year ! With this gorgeous series, he plays with famous monsters, ghosts and creatures from the classic horror movies. His style inspired by the traditional « So Ha » art gives a brand new face to Krueger, Mr Stay Puft and their fellow monsters. Enjoy !












Thomas Olivri

Thomas Olivri est le créateur de Geek-Art.net, et l'auteur de Geek-Art une Anthologie, chez Huginn & Muninn. Il est également curateur à la French Paper Gallery de Paris, et vient de signer son premier ouvrage d'auteur, Papa Geek à la Rescousse, toujours chez Huginn & Muninn. Thomas Olivri is the funder of Geek-Art.net. He also is the author of the Geek-Art Anthology Books, published by Huginn & Muninn in France and Chronicle Books in the USA. Curator at the French Paper Gallery, he also is the author of Papa Geek to the Rescue, from Huginn & Muninn.

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