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Tim Doyle – Unreal Estate Book

Tim Doyle – Unreal Estate Book

From Austin to Springfield !

At Geek-Art, we love Tim Doyle ! This artist from Austin Texas, formerly working at Mondo, created his own business, Nakatomi Inc, a few years ago. In his workshop, he prints his own designs as well as artworks from artists like Joshua Budich, Nick Derington or Alexander Iacarino. In 2012, he had his first solo show at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco : Unreal Estate. A now famous series of prints where he shows the most iconic places from cult TV shows. This show was a success, and became a yearly rendez-vous at the Spoke Art Gallery, with more and more places and prints.

A few days ago, Tim launched a Kickstarter project to fund the Unreal Estate art book, with dozens of artworks on full pages. A beautiful book, that I can’t wait to get my hands on. The good news is : it’s already funded ! So all you have to do now is backing the project and make sure to grab this great book. The rewards are also insanely cool : re-editions of long time sold out prints, postcards sets, commissions from Doyle… Now what are you waiting for guys ? Go on Kickstarter now, and congrats to Tim Doyle and the Nakatomi team !

Tim Doyle - Unreal Estate Book

Tim Doyle - Unreal Estate Book 7

%2210 Cents Makes your Banana Stand%22 24x24 silkscreen print

Tim Doyle - Unreal Estate Book 2

Tim Doyle - Unreal Estate Book 3

Tim Doyle - Unreal Estate Book 4

Tim Doyle - Unreal Estate Book 5

Tim Doyle - Unreal Estate Book 6

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