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Winter is Here – A Game of Thrones Art Show at the Spoke Art Gallery

Winter is Here – A Game of Thrones Art Show at the Spoke Art Gallery

Winter is finally here !

Californian gallery Spoke Art took advantage (a spiteful tongue ​​would also add “as all the others medias”) of the release of the last season of Game of Thrones to offer us dozens of prints (some old, others created for the occasion) on G.R.R. Martin’s work. 15 days ago, the exhibition in San Francisco met a large audience, where people came to admire (and acquire) the prints of famous artists like Joshua BUDICH or Tim DOYLE, but also to find (perhaps) some emerging artists. This “Winter is here” is composed of a hundred works, with different styles and techniques, and even if all is visually coherent, I must admit that some pieces leave me totally indifferent.

Of course, the most famous artists are sold out, but there are still some interesting prints at prices for all purses. Reuben Negron‘s prints, Daliah Ammar‘s prints or the minimalist posters by the Concepción Studios collective (which, by the way yours truly bought) are still available at the time of publication and are worth a look.

Finally we note the participation of French artists like Guillaume Morellec, with a very nice black and white John Snow.

Winter will be long… or not. Answer in a few episodes !

The Spoke Art gallery and their blog that relates the weekend.

Battle of the Bastards By Scott Mitchell – Spoke Art


The Nights King by Reuben Negron – Spoke Art


Winter is coming By Guillaume Morellec – Spoke Art


Mother by Daliah Ammar – Spoke Art


Red Keep by Tim Doyle – Spoke Art


Skies of the 7 kingdoms by Josey Tsao – Spoke Art


Winter is coming by Concepcion Studios – Spoke Art


Drogon by Cristian Eres – Spoke Art


The North Remembers by Mia Araujo – Spoke Art




The Road To The Three Eyed Raven by Laurence Yang – Spoke Art







Kemi Mai – Stormborn




Nan Lawson – Oath Keeper


Nicole Grosjean – Fire And Blood

Laurent Moulin

Un peu vieux officiellement, encore très jeune dans la Matrice, geek avant que le mot existe, testeur de pleins de trucs en même temps, AFOL quand j'ai 5 minutes, collectionneur d'éditions originales et accrocheur de prints sur les murs. Ah et accessoirement, prof d'histoire en zone de guerre dans la banlieue lyonnaise. #TeamStark et #TeamBatman.

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