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Marketing Agency / POP BRAND CONTENT



The entertainment market is a saturated one. From movies to video games, from publishing to collectibles, every actor in the industry wants and needs to emerge.

Fans from the whole world are very demanding, especially on social networks. They require high quality content, operations, projects, goodies, new brand experiences.

The more “niche” the market is, the more hard-core the fans are, and the more demanding they are.

Geek-Art is here to deliver fans high quality content inspired by their favorite universes, games and movies, through a very special prism : art and graphic design.



Geek-Art is a France based global project dedicated to pop culture through the prism of art, graphic-design and illustration. 

Throughout the years, we developed our skills and our activities to create a virtuous circle of content and projects.

Geek-Art Extended Universe

THE BLOG : has been running for a decade, featuring thousands of artists, interviews, reviews. We aim at building the bridge between pop culture (through movies, litterature, video games, comics, manga…) and art in general (through graphic design, illustration, sculpture, photography…). 


Geek-Art’s creator is also the author of many books. The Geek-Art books anthologies, which were published both in France and in the USA, and many others. Each book features art inspired by pop culture.


Throughout the years, the Geek-Art Store collaborated with many artists to create high quality limited edition art posters. We also collaborated with famous licenses to create original and limited officially licensed art prints. Due to the global pandemic, the store was shut down… For now !

THE SOCIAL NETWORKS is followed by thousands of people in the world on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. 

Facebook : 90K followers / Twitter : 6K followers / Instagram : 9k followers / Pinterest : 165k visitors/month


Geek-Art, as a marketing and brand content agency, collaborates with brands to provide them high quality content to share with their most demanding fans. We collaborate with amazing artists from the whole world, and are able to propose original artworks, art shows both online or IRL, goodies, videos, and special items. We support our clients for the release of new video games, DLCs, movies, special projects, but also to ensure the follow up of licenses through the years. We already collaborated with Ubisoft, Capcom, Konami, EA and many others on various fantastic licenses and projects ! 


Don’t hesitate to contact us on a subject you would like us to work on :

Follow-up on an online game

Release of a movie for theaters

Release of a Blue-Ray / new game

Organization of an art-show

 We will send you a dedicated presentation to give you an idea of what we can do !