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Mike Henry : Batman Series

Yep, I know, I already wrote an article about Mike Henry, aka Zatransis... But first : he really kicks ass,  two : he designed new characters, and three : that's my blog and I do what I want ! So please kneel before this gorgeous Batman series ! Oui, je sais, j'ai déjà écrit un article sur Mike Henry, alias Zatransis... Mais un : c'est un vrai génie, deux : il a dessiné de nouveaux personnages, et trois : c'est mon blog et je fais ce que je veux ! Alors à genoux, pauvres mortels, devant l'incroyable beauté de sa série sur Batman ! Mike Henry's devianART via Abduzeedo

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Mike Henry : Artworks

Mike Henry, aka Zatransis, is a killer, a brilliant illustrator from San Francisco who has a style very... Mature and cartoonish ? Anyway, go on his deviantART account to admire the rest of his work like his great Street Fighter series. I prefered to show you Batman because... Well because Batman rules, you know that. His…

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